To lead the world once again by imparting unity, strength, and progress. #love

Team Learn ® A human progressive advocacy command center.

We are fighting for the Initiation & Successful execution of:

The "LEARN" Act.  A Federal Bill.

Will allow two necessary extended studies of college to be introduced as fundamental courses in all U.S. High Schools.

The Introduction of Law education - community relations will improve.
(strengthening h.s. graduates with paralegal equivalent awareness)
The Introduction of Finance education - debt entrapment awareness.
(guiding h.s. graduates to a new age of interpreting functions of banking and budgeting)

For the purpose to uplift the success rate for all high school graduates regardless of financial upbringing differences, and to diminishing wrongful and erroneous, legal and or civil communication between civilians and authority figures.

We Fight to initiate a bill to allow the implementation of a law based curriculum in the public school system; 5th - 12th grade.

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The Love of the Human connection:

To eradicate erroneous communication, mistreatment and or conviction of all people. Youth, elderly, people in authority, minority; of all races, religion or status quo.

Honorable legal training and legal awareness will create better interactions and decisions among us. All Lives will improve due to a future who will understand in entirety the laws passed in their Nation and Communities.

Educate children and teens in America's schools, to raise up men and women who will contribute to a better civilization.


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